Musings of a Theological Student and Christian Author

Who is God and who are we? Can we in reality, know God? And what can we learn from the great thinkers of the past and present as we consider their thoughts about God’s truth and what it means for our lives? There are so many questions and so many voices trying to flag down our attention as they offer up their words of wisdom. In a world immersed in delusion and superficiality, surely we could all do with some clear signposts to reality as we seek to build our lives on foundations of immoveable stone.

This blog is a series of musings that aim to encourage readers to think deeply about big and often difficult questions that arise throughout our lives. Alternative worldviews are uncovered and contrasted with Christian thought and truth. Readers are challenged to consider what it means to see life in light of Christ and how to live accordingly.

Despite any of our life journeys, I hope that the thoughts and reflections in this blog can allow you, the reader, to escape the box of worldly thought, finding instead a place of hope, truth and meaning.

Ben Swift.

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