Deep Waters

It’s funny how the comments of others, no matter how far removed from our inner circles, can be cemented in our minds, reasserting themselves in later years. I recall from a number of years ago the words of a teacher and colleague metaphorically referring to me as ‘deep waters’. There may or may not be any truth to this metaphor, but either way it brings me to a place to which I’m sure many human beings arrive, a place where they are led to wonder about who they are and how to distinguish truth in a world full of delusion.

As the son of a preacher man, an Anglican minister to be precise, I was always taught that my identity was in God, made in his likeness and for his purpose. Maybe that’s why the label P.K. (preacher’s kid) never sat well with me. Labels never really sat well with me, especially if I had no influence on which ones would be forced onto me. But that’s not what this blog is about. If I really am ‘deep waters’ then what is it that floats around in their depths? Are there things that are embedded in my subconscious that explain the way I see the world? What do some of the great thinkers throughout history have to say about the things of God and His universe? There are so many questions to explore.

The life of a preacher’s kid can be a turbulent ride and over the years I’ve heard many people say it can shape one’s character in the extreme. Nevertheless, despite any of our life journeys, I hope that the thoughts and reflections in this blog can allow readers to escape the box of worldly thought and take them into deeper waters.

Ben Swift.