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What’s it about? 

In a world suffering from an identity crisis and a perceived lack of meaning, there is a growing need that exists for a deeper, more mature understanding of what it means to be a Christian; one who truly seeks to know and follow Christ. As reflective human beings we can’t escape the big and difficult questions that arise throughout our lives. Beyond the Fish Sticker uses these questions to uncover and contrast alternative worldviews with Christian truth, drawing upon a collection of knowledge from the areas of film, music, literature, science, psychology, philosophy and theology.

In this insightful and engaging book, readers are invited to journey beyond superficial Christianity, to places where they are able to think more deeply about humanity, God, truth, and what it all means for our lives.

What are people saying?

In a world of slogans and ‘fake news’, we need Christians who are willing to speak with clarity and honesty in a way that helps us move beyond superficiality. This is what Ben does. His writing is fresh and engaging, deep and genuine. Ben offers an insightful Christian perspective on many areas of life, including religion, politics, culture and history. Beyond the Fish Sticker is worth reading.

Matt Viney, Pastor at Wavell Heights Presbyterian.

Like an expert underwater guide, Ben keeps his audience close to him as we dive into deep waters. We travel with him throughout, turning this way, then that, like a school of fish on some coral reef. His insights are rays of sunshine penetrating the surface-membrane, illuminating the deep and swirling currents of human thought beneath. He keeps our eyes trained on one fish, one fish only: ICHTHYS, Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour. As he says, ‘It’s time to stop chasing the wind and to start resting in Christ. Christ is … the narrow path to sanity.’ O, to be found fully clothed and in your right mind after plumbing the depths with Ben in Beyond the Fish Sticker.

Neil Cullan McKinlay, Author at Nordskog.

Where can I get myself a copy?

Beyond the Fish Sticker is available can be purchased from the following online outlets:

Direct from Morning Star Publishing (Australia, NZ, Pacific Islands, Asia, Europe,  and Africa)

The Wandering Bookseller (Australia) 

Readers from North America, Mexico and Canada:

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