Mark of Cain

By Ben Swift Theologian Karl Barth who when asked after a lifetime of theological research and contemplation, “What have you learned?” answered, “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” But does this seemingly simple response provide a satisfactory answer? It certainly feels like we need something beyond the playful words [...]

Christmas Actually

By Ben Swift Turn, turn, turn, you can almost feel the cogs of the universe spinning us ever so quickly towards another Christmas. This Groundhog Day, déjà vu-like experience once again finds us trying to come up with something new to make the day somehow special, even memorable, in the hope that we may experience [...]

Looking Back to Look Forward

By Ben Swift – Author of Beyond the Fish Sticker History can be regarded by some as insignificant and irrelevant; foreign to their high-definition, technologically driven, fast-paced lifestyles. But looking back is often our only hope of avoiding the pitfalls experienced in the past. Perhaps you’ve noticed that events from history are often reshaped into [...]

The Real Thing

By Ben Swift ‘Genuine Christianity is a way of seeing and comprehending all reality’ (Charles Colson). In the year 1969, Australian singer songwriter Russell Morris could be heard bombarding Australian radio with his call to ‘come and see the real thing’. In a time of psychedelic drugs, alcoholic binges and a Western cultural revolution, I [...]

In the Rearview Mirror – A reflection on the making of Beyond the Fish Sticker

It’s certainly tempting in life to look back in regret at the many opportunities lost and to wish for a second chance to better align our lives with what we think is best for us. After all, has anyone with a faith in God not wrestled with the confusion that sometimes lines the paths God [...]