Quotes worth Quoting


Welcome to a growing assortment of quotes that will help you escape the box of worldly thought (listed in no particular order). Enjoy.

“God’s essence, indeed, is incomprehensible, utterly transcending all human thought; but on each of his works his glory is engraven in characters so bright, so distinct, and so illustrious, that none, however dull and illiterate, can plead ignorance as their excuse.” (John Calvin)

“But for pain and suffering the animal in man would become victorious.” (Berdyaev)

“Bereft of understanding and left to themselves, men are at the mercy of the dominion of the meaningless powers of the world; for our life in this world has meaning only in its relation to the true God.” (Karl Barth)

“The man of this world has no solid ground upon which he can stand; there is accessible to us no blessed redemption existing in some corner of our unredeemedness; there is no warm sunset glow which succeeds the storm of our lives – save by the orientation which is given to men by God Himself and by God alone.” (Karl Barth)

“Faith in God transcends reason as it flows from the heart and the heart has its reasons, which reason knows nothing of.” (Blaise Pascal)

“It’s like saying, “There are no absolutes; everything is relative,” a statement that, if true, is false, in other words, self-referentially incoherent.” (James Sire)

“The beautiful simplicity of our faith is that it distils down to the exact same bottom line for both the brilliant theologian and the five-year-old child: love God and love each other – period.” (Richard Sterns)

“God is remaking the world…..by the act of redemptive new creation through which humans are able once more to reflect God into his world and the world back, in worship, to God.” (N.T. Wright)

“If Christianity was something we were making up, of course we could make it easier. But it is not. We cannot compete, in simplicity, with people who are inventing religions. How could we? We are dealing with fact. Of course anyone can be simple if he has no facts to bother about.” (C.S. Lewis)

“He [God] is the source from which all your reasoning power comes: you could not be right and He wrong any more than a stream can rise higher than its own source.” (C.S. Lewis)

“Science does an excellent job of telling me why I don’t have a tail, but it can’t explain why I find that interesting.” (Rob Bell)

“We are haunted by the need to make sense of things.” (Alister McGrath)

“Even after we can explain every electrical impulse, chemical trigger, nerve ending and synaptic cell in the human brain, we will still not be one iota closer to explaining consciousness.” (Tim Costello)

As human beings, we are “such creatures with whom God will speak, eternally and immortally…. whether it is in wrath or whether it is in mercy.” (Martin Luther)

“Because man was created to live forever there is in his heart an insatiable curiosity about the hereafter that cannot be silenced or quenched.” (Herbert Lockyer)

“Like sand pouring through the narrow centre of an hourglass so all thought – if ultimate sense is to be made of it – must pass through Christ.” (Neil Cullen McKinlay)

“To sustain the belief that there is no God, atheism has to demonstrate infinite knowledge, which is tantamount to saying, “I have infinite knowledge that there is no being in existence with infinite knowledge.”” (Ravi Zacharias)

“I think the reason we sometimes have the false sense that God is so far away is because that is where we have put him.” (Ravi Zacharias)

“Jesus shows us that everyone is dedicated to a project of self-salvation, to using God and others in order to get power and control for themselves. We are just going about it in different ways.” (Timothy Keller)


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